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2024 Rubicon Trail/Fordyce Trip

July 18th-21st 2024

This article is intended to help plan a trip to the Rubicon Trail/Fordyce Trail trip in July.  Some information can change as we hear more details but the start date will be the morning of July 18th.

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This trip is intended to be a drive-through the trail utilizing your rig for camping and transportation from spot to spot.  There are some previsions outlined for participants with non-street worthy buggies that need to trailer on public roads and highways.

 Rubicon Trail

The first day of the trip we will meet on July 18th at 10:00am, at the “Loon Lake Rubicon Trailhead”.  This area has bathrooms, places to park your two rig/trailer, and where we would air down for the trail.

Additional parking, and where I prefer to unload, is just before the trail entrance, at the Loon Lake Chalet.  This area is flatter and larger to unload, park your tow rig/trailer, and camp the night before if needed.

The location to the chalet is easy to find on Google Maps by using address “Loon Lake Chalet Ice House Rd, Pollock Pines, CA 95726”.

The entrance will be a left hand turn and can creep on you pretty quick.  You will see a power station on the right hand side 200 yards before the driveway

Route for Buggies

The current plan for non-street worthy rigs is to arrive a day early, July 17th, and park at the exit of Rubicon Trail.  This group would leave their tow rigs at “Rubicon Trail Staging Area Tahoe Side” and begin the trip from the exit.

The goal would be to make their way to Buck Island lake and set up camp.  Waking up early on the 18th and making their way to Loon Lake trailhead for the official start with the group.

Fordyce Trail

We are still getting the details of running the Fordyce Trail after exiting the Rubicon.  There may be a 1 day break between the trails to stay in a hotel and grab essentials.  Or, the group continues to the Fordyce trailhead and continues to camp from their rigs.  To Be Determined

Lodging Before The Trip

You will want book lodging for the night before, July 17th, within an hour of the trailhead.  Georgetown, CA is a small mountain town with a couple of motels.  There is also Icehouse Resort The popular spots is Georgetown, California or “Ice House Resort, 9199 Ice House Rd, Pollock Pines, CA 95726”.

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