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Squarebody Chevy Long Bed Turned into a Full Size Rock Crawler

When considering a full size truck as a  rock crawler you’re going to want a big block engine, 1-ton axles, +40″ inch tires, and a long bed for extra cargo space.  This 1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne K30 named, Snowrod, has all that and even more.   Under The Hood Oldsmobile 455 Big Block, bored to 469 with […]

Entry Level Jeep LJ Build for Hitting Off-Road Trails

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, also known as the Jeep LJ, from 2004-2006 has become one of the best platforms to build an off-road rig.  In these years Jeep decided to over this model with 10 inches of additional wheelbase over the standard Jeep Wrangler.  This stretch allowed for 15 inches of more body length allowing […]

Oceano Dunes Flag Rally

Freedom Flag Rally demanding for the reopening of the Oceano Dunes

Saturday, I shined up the Cheyenne and headed down to Grover Beach to support the Freedom Flag Rally. A group urging the California State Parks to reopen the Oceano Dunes for camping and off-road use. Organized by Off-Roaders United and originally planned as a celebration for the Oceano Dunes opening date originally set for October […]

7 Oceano Dunes Camping Tips for Getting on the Sand

Camping on the Oceano Dunes is a unique way to take in the outdoors on the California Coast.  It is the only place in the State that allows easy drive on beach access and overnight camp sites. The sandy terrain and exposure to the elements leads to some challenges if you are not properly prepared. […]

Best FJ40 Alternator Upgrade for High Output AMPs

Nowadays, the electrical system on our rigs require better alternators to power the air compressor, winch, stereo, lighting, and auxiliary items like onboard refrigerators and inverters. Moreover, although there are several alternator upgrades available, the best alternator upgrade you could conduct on your Toyota FJ40 is to install a GM 10si “one wire” internally regulated […]